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quote signWe were looking for a web developer in the Inverness region. After shortlisting a few, we contacted Deeno. We picked him because we felt that he's got that professional and friendly approach that we were after.quote sign

Choose me for my reliability, know-how, experience, friendly manners and prompt communication. Choose me if you need a website that is effective, safe and secure, user-friendly and attractive. In other words, if you need a web developer who understands how to engage folks who visit your website and knows how to communicate your message clearly - I am your man. My clients feel priviledged because they always receive my full attention. It is always them and the success of their business that is on my focus. This is why I put so much emphasize on the quality of my work: a thoroughly tested and flawlessly working website can go a long way: it builds trust in visitors and gives them a sense of quality that they associte with your business. Deeno: a unique website design studio near Inverness. Powerful, efficient and secure websites.


tick I'm a professional web designer with over 10 years of experience in developing websites for clients. Originally from Hungary, I finished my studies in computer science in 2002. After years of traveling and working as a photogarpher, I settled in Scotland and returned to my profession in IT. Now living near Inverness, I run a successful, customer-focused web design business from home. I am passionate about creating eye-catching, state of the art websites. I have helped businesses grow bigger and achieve their goals through user-friendly website design, careful coding and smart SEO. I strive for excellence. Photography and hiking are my grea­test pas­sion, ac­ti­vi­ties, which I sha­re with my beau­tiful wife. I take ins­pi­ra­tion from the stun­ning Scot­tish land­scape: its moun­tains, lochs, glens and the mighty sea.
A furry cat keeps me and my wife com­pany.
Although now I am based near Inverness, I make websites for clients all over the UK and even abroad. Where ever you are, feel free to contact me.


I devote this section of my website to share my latest completed work with visitors to my website. It is also a little favour to my clients. Publicization and a link always come in handy when SEO is concerned, especially for websites under brand new domains.

latest work mobile view latest work laptop view latest work tablet view

This is pianoweek.com: a multifunctional website centered around offering musical workshops and concerts. It features a sophisticated e-commerce plugin, an event organizer plugin and a booking system. The online-store plugin takes care of the sales of concert tickets. The musical events themselves are managed and listed by the event organizer plugin.
Additionally, the websites's other main focus is receiving applications for workshops that are held all around the world. For this purpose, I developed a booking system which handles the applications through a muliple-choice interface.
This website is a perfect example of working with a distant client: while my web development business is based in the Highlands, the client lives and works in London.


quote signHe builds excellent and powerful websites.The value it has added to our art business is tremendous. A good website is capable, secure and engaging, one that turns visitors into customers. It does all that.quote sign

A good website developer is a truly versatile person. Websites are most often build to make money for their owners one way or another. So apart from superb programming and tasteful design skills developers must have a sound knowledge in online marketing, search engine optimization, which involves even proofreading. So when you pay for your website, you pay for all that knowledge and more. So how can you save money here? You might be able to keep a lot of money in your pocket if you find a reliable, small web design studio or even better an experienced freelancer who can devote all his time to your project. As I mostly work alone I will always charge less than a large company with several employees. Simply because I can afford it. Look at some typical package prices below:

MOST COMMON WEBSITE TYPES AND PRICES (for a break-down of all costs click here)


£ 499

A basic website that introduces your business. Typicaly consists of Home, Services, About and Contact pages, although all of it can be displayed on one attractive, modern master page. Tailored to anybody on a tight budget.


£ 999

Typical bespoke business websites start at this price. They have as many pages and as diverse features as necessary in order to help you achieve your goals.

Online Shop

£ 1599

Whether you are selling physical goods or downloadable products, concert tickets or your photos, you will need a sophisticated online store. A smoothly running e-commerce website with the most popular payment options is a must.

No matter how much money you have set aside in your budget, your website will definitely have all the following features. (the list in not inclusive)

ticka website with a clean code that is optimized for SEO

tickrecommendations as to how to improve your websites's text for Google

tickyou will receive a full copy of your website's files and database

ticka website with loads of security features to minimize its vulnerability to attacks

ticka fully responsive website which looks great on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops as well

ticka website that is built on one of the leading content management systems


How do I make my clients happy? My secret formula is this: a large por­tion of relia­bility mixed with prompt communi­cation and a lot of exper­tise. This is what every­one is looking for in a web deve­loper in Inverness and round the world.

quoteI would just like to thank Balint for the ama­zing work he did re­vam­ping my web­site. He looked at my old web­site and took the re­le­vant text and I supplied some pic­tu­res and he found some a­ma­zing new ones and all was com­ple­ted in 2 weeks. Balint is truly pro­fes­sio­nal and easy to work with I can't re­com­mend him highly enough.
Roland, Dog trainer, London stars


quoteWorking with Balint on my pro­ject had been easy and plea­sant as there was al­ways a sound under­stan­ding and good com­munica­tion bet­ween the client and the desig­ner. This is the most impor­tant when looking for a web-desig­ner who is to create a site exactly the way in which you have in mind. My des­criptions and sket­ches of how I would like the design to be were well-res­pected and put into con­si­de­ration en­tirely, and it shows in the out­come.
Bianca, Blogger, Inverness stars


quoteI am an Inverness-based fashion designer. I was needing a stunning website to showcase and sell my collections. I contracted Balint to make my website after I had done an extensive research into several Inverness web design companies. He has done a great job, he basically made my dream come true, my website looks and works as I had imagined it would. I was also very happy about the lot of creative input by him. I am very satisfied and would recommend Balint to anyone.
Tatiana, Fashion designer, Inverness stars


quoteWe have no hesitation in recommending Balint. We had very little knowledge and experience of websites when first contacting Balint to design a website for our company. Balint was very flexible and creative, he had some great suggestions that made our website simple and easy-to-use. We are very pleased with the result and to have established a good relationship with Balint. We look forward to working with him in the future.
Attila, Dental surgeon, Edinburgh stars


quote I have had a pleasure to have worked with Balint for a number of years. We successfully worked together on international educational website projects. Although he runs his web design company from Inverness and I was living in Edinburgh when we started, the distance never got in the way of the coordination of our work. Balint has been creating, updating and managing the website alongside with developing ideas for the international marketing. During his work he demonstrated his understanding of technical solutions and quick response to the problems. He was able to manage everything that was necessary to update the website quickly giving constructive and creative suggestions as to how the website should look. Thanks to this our website was more visible and the amount of applications has increased. Balint understands the situation quickly and solves the problems immediately. I would strongly recommend his Inverness Website Design Company.
Tatyana, project manager, London and Tallinn stars


Deeno uses the latest web technologies:

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A few things to think about when considering getting a brand-new website:

If you have not yet thought of some of the points above, don't worry. I will certainly help you with all that.

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