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Deeno is a small, happy, enthusiastic and successful freelance web design team. We work with companies and individuals in the London area and all over the UK. We are committed to making our clients as happy and successful as we are.
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Web developers you can rely on

It’s great that you have found our website. If you are looking for affordable web design, London is a superb place to find creative professionals like ourselves. Yes, we are inspired by this city.
We offer a personal, friendly service and also give you free advice. Our small team is like a family that always have time for you. We like challenges and are proud that we have solved many. Although most of our clients are from the London area, we are happy to take on projects anywhere in the UK. Furthermore, Deeno is flexible and reliable. And by the way, we work from home!
If what you are after is affordable web design, London is what you call home, then we were made for you. We would like to hear from you. Contact us now.

Quality websites

We use cutting edge tech­no­logy to build effi­cient, se­cu­re, beau­ti­ful and affor­dab­le web­sites. As a result, they always serve our clients for years to come. Our websites have that magical human touch to them which is necessary for your success.

Time and money

We do our very best to meet deadlines and stay within budget. It’s important for us that you have peace mind of knowing that your project is in good hands. It’s your time and your money. That’s what Deeno is about. Affordable web design London.

We use WordPress

WordPress is our choice of tool because it is a highly versatile and secure content management system that grows each day. WordPress enjoys tremendous support from its developers and the great community built around it.


Apart from brilliant content it is images that make a website truly engaging. We offer professional photography and photo sourcing using stock photo agencies..

Some of our recent projects

Our websites look great on all devices

We build websites that are fully responsive and retain their distinctive look on each device. It’s not easy task though. With more and more tech companies producing an infinite number of different mobile devices. As a result, the life of a web designer is not simple. We spend a lot of the production time testing our websites on various devices, operating systems and browsers. Thus we ensure the end-product looks great everywhere.

We build safe and secure websites

In our interconnected digital age of ours not one days passes without reading about yet an other cyber attack. Most of all stolen passwords, highjacked websites, malware and spyware are what we hear about. Therefore here at Deeno we take safety and security very seriously and put a lot of effort into creating websites that withstand attacks. We use firewalls, hide login pages, and use as few WordPress plugins as possible.

A case study: Tatyana

“I have had a pleasure to work with Balint for several years. We have been working on international educational projects i.e. International Baltic Summer School. During this period of time, Balint has been creating, and managing the website alongside with developing ideas for international marketing.
He is a unique website designer and developer in many ways. I couldn’t have wished for a more attentive, helpful, quick and friendly developer whose work is of very high quality. I have been relying on his well-built, user-friendy websites and super programming skills for a long time now.
I would wholeheartidly recommend him to anybody. He will surely build a website for you that will take your project a long way!”

Tatyana Kasima

Project Manager, Baltic Summer School

Tatyana's various website projects

Tatyana is a great returning client of ours. I have been part of many of her projects where a well-functioning website was needed. The first such web project was the International Baltic Summer School which was a great idea and attracted many people from all over the world to the three Baltic countries to study business. It was my job to create a logo and design and build a cheerful but also serious website that will successfully convey the ideas behind International Baltic Summer School.

Affordable Web Design London. If you think we can help you please contact us.

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