So how much your brand new website is going to cost? That is often a tricky question because in website development there are several variables which can push the number of hours up. This may discourage some people to go for the website they really want, opting instead for a simpler but guaranteed cheaper version.

When you contact me I will quote a preliminary price which indicates the approximate cost of your website. After we have discussed all the details I will be able to quote a final price. This is what you will pay at the end, no matter how long it takes me to complete the job (there are always unexpected issues to solve).
After this point, if you realise that you really want to add an extra feature to your website, I will quote a new price.
All the quotes you receive from me include only the price of designing and building your website. There will most likely be other fees that you have to be prepared to pay. Let's see what they are!

I do not provide hosting myself so you will have to sign up with a reliable hosting company. I can assist you with this.
Wordpress Plugins
Plugins are small pieces of software that carry out certain tasks and functions. Using them can significantly speed up production time so it is often wiser to purchase one (there are also free options) than coding the function from scratch.
SSL Certificates
If you plan to process any kind of sensitive information (e.g. taking card payments, storing confidential information, etc) you will want to encrypt the data that is collected by your website. SSL certificates do this job.
Content Delivery Networks
Among other benefits, signing up with a CDN provider (free options exists!) will speed up the time it takes for your website to load into one's browser. Less waiting, happy visitors.
Images break up the dullness of written text and incourage visitors to read on. You will need attractive photographs that engage the viewer. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take the very photos that show how desirable your product or service is. You might also use stock photos.

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