Useful stuff You might not have thought of

On this website you will not find packages and prices, I find that approach oldschool and unsophisticated, definitely not viable for serious, modern web development. If you think we could work together please send me a message outlining what you need. The more you tell me the better. So for now, instead of listing prices here, I have compiled a list of services you might not have thought of but could cost you extra pounds.

hostingHosting. All websites are made up of files which are stored on powerful computers called servers. Storing and serving up the files is done by web hosting companies. Offers range from as little as £2.99 up to £99 a month.
£ - ££

hostingDomain name. This is the name that people type into their browser to load your website. It is most often the name of your company or something relevant to your business. Domains need to be registered and come with a yearly fee.
£ - ££

hosting Web developer. If you are serious about your business and your website, you need to find and invest into an experienced and reliable web developer. A professional who is able to build a secure, efficient and user-friendly website.
£££ - ££££

hostingPlugins. Plugins are small pieces of software that carry out certain tasks and functions. They can significantly speed up production time so using them is a wise decision. Paid and free versions also exists. Attention to security is crucial!
FREE - ££

hostingSSL Certificates. This is a secure encryption method which guarantees that sensitive data processed by your website will not end up in the wrong hands. It is a must if you plan to process card details or any kind of confidental information.
FREE - £ - ££ - £££

hostingContent Delivery Networks. In other words cloud hosting. CDN providers will host your website on several web servers scattered around the globe. This can significantly speed up loading times. Paid and free options exist.
FREE - £ - ££

hostingImages. Powerful photographs convey feelings and are a perfect tool to grab people's attention. Introducing yourself and your business through great, personal photos is a good way of building a bridge of trust to customers.
FREE - £ - ££

hostingUpdates. Websites are alive. That is, they evolve and change. You need to think about how your website will be updated in the future. Will you be able to do it yourself or will you need your developer to maintain it?
FREE - ££ - £££

hostingPromotion. Your amazing, brand-new website will need a great number of visitors! If you want to be discovered by many, you will most likely need to spend money on a smart advert campaign that target the people you want attract.
££ - £££

hostingContent Writing. Have you got the skills to write brilliant, engaging text for your website? Do you know how to captivate people's imagination? If your website offers more then just pure data, you might need a good content writer!
FREE - ££ - £££