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Not appearing in Google? I can help!

Search Engine Optimization is a complex field full of landmines. There is only a narrow corridor that safely navigates you to your destination: the First Page. On top of all this Big Brother (Google) is constantly changing the rules of the game.

Improve your ranking

website ranking
website ranking

If your website is doing badly at the search engines and you need professional help, this is what I can do.

Your website will receive a bit-by-bit, pixel-by-pixel on-site SEO treatment. Does that sound obscure? Let's look at it closely.

Step One: Establishing keywords

First off, you have to think how people will be searching for services similar to yours in Google. What keywords do you want to lead them to your website?

Is your content written in a way that emphasizes certain key terms, expresssions that Google can pick up? If not we have to improve your content.

Step Two: Analyzing load characteristics

Google is placing a lot of emphasize on load speed and the resulting user experience. Thus, the largest chunk of the job will be getting these aspects right.

File sizes will be reduced, blocking elements removed, load order changed so that vital stuff comes first, browser caching introduced and so on...

Step Three: Signing up with a CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It acts like a secondary webhost and they exists to make our life easier and our website faster. They are basically a cloud host with servers scattered all around the globe. And with a basic, free subscription you can already have a lot of adventages.

A copy of your website is distributed over all these webservers and is served always from the nearest location. Which is great for speed. They do a lot more though. Of you are willing to pay they will supercharge the loading process, and protect your valuable website with a firewall among others.

Step Four: Checking backlinks

Google likes if a website has authority. One way to determine wheter or not a website and its is well-liked, is counting how many other websites link to yours.

Even though I don't find it very relevant today, I will give you a number that states the number of websites referencing yours. I won't go further as I don't do link building.

Step Five: Days, weeks and months...

After all the above is done, content is magnificent, load speed is faster than lightning and everybody is talking about you, your website will probably still not be on the first page. Why is that? Well a valuable website's true qualities must be proven by the passing of time. Seems like Google thinks so. So your advancement will be gradual.

In most cases it takes not just weeks but months to get really noticed purely through search, without ads. Unless you have just a tiny competition, you must be patient. And oh, forgot one thing. Google likes changes and updates and looks down on static content. So keep your website alive by adding content regularly. So how about a blog?