Projects I have particularly liked

Naturally there have been projects which became favourites while I was working on them. Below I will introduce some of these works to you and talk about what makes them special to me. They are not necessarily the latest, fanciest or most complicated websites but they are ones that greatly inspired me.

Piano Week

Piano Week is run by a brilliant pianist couple eager to plant the love of music and the piano into the hearts of young and old. They organise workshops and concerst in the UK and abroad. As a music enthusiast, I feel priviledged to be the one who has built and maintained their website from the beginning. I have been inspired by working for a good cause.

The website is on the complex side as it offers a sophisticated application form and has an integrated shop where people can buy tickets to upcoming concerts. It's a good example of a project which is never actually finished. Due to the nature of the business, it has an ever-changing content that needs constant updating and maintenance.

Happy Bays Volkswagen

Happy Bays is a vehicle rental company with a small fleet of beautiful, vintage Volkswagen motorhomes. These amazing vans are making a comeback and I am also a great fan. The owners of the company had imgined a playful website with a front page that looks like a cork noticeboard. Well that's exactly what I designed for them.

After finding a suitable pin board I populated it with my creatures: Polaroid photographs, a festival ticket, a map, an old postcard and a few pieces of notebook pages. This is a static website with constant content. To counterbalance this, filled all the pages with creative design elements to bring a sense of freshness to the website.

Little Rose Fashion

Little Rose is a children's clothing brand that belongs to a very talented fashion designer from South America. She is an eco-warrior, replacing fast fashion with sustainable clothing. We thought a playful, light website with beautiful photos would work best. We searched and found two sisters who were excited to put on those beautiful dresses for a photoshoot. At this point I stepped out of the role of a web developer, put all my gear together and became a professional photographer for that day. We had a lot of fun taking those photos!

We wanted to create a soft, friendly environment and decided to reduce the weight of vector based graphics and use traditional, pixel-based imagery instead. In turn, we had to compromise on loading time but we are sure the intended visitors will value our efforts to create a bit unusual environment with a special touch.

Hopetoun Horse Driving

Hopetoun House! The famous, ancient, historic residency of the Marquess of Linlithgow and the filming location of so many a movies, like the popular Outlander series. Well the website I made was for the annual Horse Driving Trials organized at Hopetoun house by the Scottish Carriage Driving Association. Jane, who contracted me to build the website, provided me with all the text and a few photos. My job was to build a fully functional website from scratch.

This website is indeed built from scracth, no content management system was used to make it really lightweight and fast-loading. Sourcing additional photographs was also my responsibility. As a result, we got an attractive, informative, clear and user-friendly website that served both the competitors and viewers of the Horse Driving Trials.

Home Decor Holly's

Home Decor Holly's online store was a dropshiping business. The website was based on Shopify and the products were ordered from Aliexpress benefiting from a lot of cool product photos. Holly really wanted a nice feminime look-and-feel with smooth, balanced colours that will not be distracting so that the visitors can solely focus on the product description and the images.

Holly trusted me with picking the best photographs from Aliexpress so this time the job involved not only coding but a lot of photo editing as well. Sadly, Holly's adventure with dropshipping has come to an end a short while ago.