Hello there!

Let’s get introduced. This is our core team. Other team members will be added in the near future. Deeno members are happy and relaxed. Why? Because we work from home. We do get together for a gin and tonic after work though.


Chief developer - London / Edinburgh

My name is Balint. I am the founder and lead web developer at Deeno. All messages are handled by me and most times it is me you will be corresponding with. I started Deeno with the idea of creating a truly personal, friendly company that offers great service and most of all builds reliable and secure websites. In my free time I travel the world.


Designer - Edinburgh / Glasgow

Tati is the main designer on board, the most artistically gifted person in town. She is a perfectionist at work and a nature lover in her free time. She likes subtle patterns and cheerful color combinations. She has a sophisticated taste and is full of really great ideas. What would we do without her?
So how exactly websites are made at Deeno?
First of all you will need to get in touch with us and tell us what you already have in mind about your web project.
What is the purpose of the site?
What do you want to achieve through your website?
Do you want to sell anything online?
Is a static website what you need or the content will keep changing and needs constant update and input?
Who is going to update the content in the future?
Do you want us to deal with the future updates or you are going to do that yourself?
Have you thought of any particular design for your website or you rather leave that to the team at Deeno?
Have you got any images or photos that we can use?
If you have not, how do you plan to get hold of them?
Do you need professional photography service?
Do you need us to source imagery from stock photo agencies?
How many visitors do you expect a day? That is an important question for we also need to decide what kind of hosting you need.
You might already have a web host. Is your current contract / package good enough to ensure your website will run smoothly and be able to handle all the requests?
Have you already got a domain?
We build websites so that they are optimised for search engines like Google. If ranking high on search lists is important for you we help you choose search terms / keywords to incorporate in the text of your website. That is called in-house SEO.
On the other hand, we don’t do Google Ad Campaigns nor any other marketing activity for your website. We prefer to use our resources for building perfect and secure websites.
We build all our websites to be as safe and secure as possible. 100% safety does not exists, attackers never stop looking for new ways to crack the walls of security and they never cease to discover unknown vulnerabilities of systems. WordPress is considered to be a safe and secure content management system, there is a team of specialists keep strenghtening those walls. Here at Deeno we always keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest news regarding security and use the safest techniques and best methods to keep your website safe from attackers. Once your website is complete, we make a copy of all the files and databases. We keep one copy and provide you with one also. It is best practice to back-up your website and databases regularly. A hacked website can easily be restored if a back-up exists.
If you like what we do please contact us.

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