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About me

Deeno Website Design and SEO

Leigh Road, Beechcroft Court, London N5 1AJ
[email protected]

Who am I?

My name is Balint, I am CEO, chief designer and programmer at Deeno.
I have over ten years of experience in design and coding and have gained a high number of satisfied returning clients.
I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I have been living in the UK since 2004. I have recently moved to London after living in Scotland for a long time. I am a seasoned traveler. Before settling in the United Kingdom I have lived in numerous countries including the USA, Canada and Estonia. During my travels I met my wife who is a successful fashion designer from Colombia.

Why am I the perfect web designer for you?

Website design is a process that requires several skills. It takes artistic vision, programming skills and lot's of patience. I studied information technology at a Budapest college some ten years ago. I have also worked as a professional photogarpher and designer of printed materials before turning to building website full-time. Designing and coding websites is where all my creative skills come together.

How I work

Where great websites start

A great website needs to be built on a strong foundation which starts with You. I aim to make a website with which you will be completely happy and satisfied. For this, first of all, you need to know what you want, what you expect from your website. Think about your targeted audience. Think about content and structure, even colours and styles if you wish.
In case you don't have time for all this and just want your website done, you can leave the whole of the planning phase to me.

Send me your brief

After you have made your decisions about structure and goals, the next step is to send all the information to me together with all intended content of your website.

An eye-pleasing design

After reviewing your brief I will create a screenplan or, if you need a content managed site, we will choose an suiatble template. Upon you approving the "look-and-feel" I will begin building the actual site.

Developing your site

Your website will be developed online, on a server you can access from your browser. Thus you will be able to overview every step of the project.


No two web browsers display a website the same way. For this reason websites need to be tested in all kinds of browsers and devices to make sure everything looks and works as it should. You are also encouraged to carry out your own testing by viewing you site in different devices and browsers and report any issues back to me.
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