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Tatyana Kasima from International Baltic Summer School ”I have had a pleasure to work with Balint for three years. We have been working on international educational projects i.e. International Baltic Summer School. During this period of time, Balint has been creating, updating and managing the website alongside with developing ideas for the international marketing. During his work Balint has demonstrated his understanding of technical solutions and quick response to the problems. He was able to manage everything that was necessary to update the website quickly giving constructive and creative suggestions as to how the website should look. Thanks to this our website was more visible and the amount of applications has increased. As we have been working in this project, we started a new website for my Language School -Language Hub and I must admit it is a pleasure to continue this work built on mutual understanding and creativity. Balint understands the situation quickly and solves the problems immediately. I would strongly recommend Balint as a website designer and manager.”

Tatyana Kasima, project manager at International Baltic Summer School

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Although I live in London and naturally focus on serving people from Great Britain, I also design websites for people from all over the world. As I am not a big web design agency but a solo designer my clients are typically small businesses and startups. For these reasons the prices I charge are lower than that of a typical web design company.
Building websites is one of those few areas where the designer and the customer don't necessarily need to know each other personally. If you live in London though I will gladly meet you over a cup of tea to discuss the details of the web project at hand. Personal meetings usually greatly enhance our mutual understanding of the requirements and possibilities. If you don't live in the London area then communicating via email, Skype and telephone is the normal course of procedure. This is an absolutely viable way of website design and development - several of my satisfied customers I have never met in person.

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Thank you for visiting my website. Go ahead and contact me to find out how we can co-operate in your next web project. Be it website design and development or search engine optimization, you can always count on me.

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